Rosberg Backs Halo Concept

With Ferrari surprising everyone this morning by rolling out the garage with the much discussed ‘HALO’ concept attached to the car, fans online have erupted in a heated debate around it’s implementation.

One of the major talking points, is whether the device will hinder the drivers visibility, leading to further incidents, however, after running earlier this morning, Raikkonen was quoted as saying:“[The] first impression on the visibility test is positive, the structure does not hamper [visibility].”

Not long after the running, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg published a photo to his social channels asking fans for their opinions on the device, with the expected mixed reviews. Shortly afterward Rosberg backed the proposal publicly, stating “Massive safety improvement. It will look ok too eventually. I’M ALL FOR IT!”

He went on to elaborate on his statements further, saying: “It’s a big thing. I just felt like putting it on my Facebook this morning to see what the opinions are out there,

“My opinion is it really is a massive step in safety because most of the fatalities we’ve had in racing in the last years.

“OK, visually, you can say it’s not quite as good as now, but from some angles, like from the front of Kimi’s car, it looked very cool actually. With a bit of thinking, it can look cool eventually, so I’m all for it.”

While it is arguable that the device may have had any impact on the tragic incident suffered by Jules Bianchi, or even when a spring collided with the helmet of Felipe Massa, it is easy to see how the this may help in deflecting larger chunks of bodywork from striking a driver.

Red Bull have announced that they too will be testing a new concept of driver protection in the coming days.