Red Bull Racing Reveal 2016 Livery


After a long winter, the teams are slowly pulling the covers off their 2016 challengers, with Red Bull Racing revealing their new livery on Wednesday. 

While the team revealed a new livery, the car itself is not so new, choosing a more secretive approach to their launch. However, as with previous years, we can say that is safe to assume that the RB12 will be strong from an aero perspective, and therefore it makes sense for them to keep their cards close to their chest until testing begins next week.

No more purple

With the loss of the Infiniti partnership, the team have ditched the purple that has been slowly creeping into it’s designs over the last few seasons, opting instead for a more traditional approach.

The car has much more minimalist approach this year, with a good looking of a matte finish to it. Without the need to blend in the purple, the yellows and reds take priority.

The team have also launched their new team kit and replica fan wear, as part of their new long term agreement with Puma.

After a 4th place finish in the constructors title last season, Red Bull will be looking to step past Williams and go chasing after Ferrari and Mercedes. The question is, will their Renault (TAG Heuer) power unit allow them to keep up?

red bull car comparison

Red Bull Racing 2016

Daniel Ricciardo In Front of Car