Mercedes AMG F1-W07 Revealed Online


Mercedes AMG revealed images of their 2016 challenger prior to testing in Barcelona, showing off the car they hope will take them to a third consecutive championship. 

After two dominant seasons in Formula 1, seeing the team snatch both the drivers and constructors championships, the covers have been lifted off car that they are hoping will take them to title #3.

Stability in the regulations means that Mercedes haven’t gone with a radical overhaul, rather calling the F1-W07 an evolution of the 2015 challenger. Paddy Lowe, Technical Director for Mercedes, highlights that: “It’s pretty difficult to have a complete revolution when the rules have stayed pretty much the same year on year.

While the car may look very similar to it’s predecessor from the outside, underneath there is quite a lot of mini revolutions that make up an overall evolution for the new season.”


“On the mechanical side, the main rule change is around the separate ducting of exhaust tail pipe and waste gate. But, in reality, that’s not  had a major effect,” Lowe continues, “The biggest structural change is on the chassis side, where we’ve raised the protection area around the driver by 20mm and increased the side impact test load from 15 to 50kN. This is a substantial increase in the load that has to be taken by the chassis as that point and will give much greater protection to the driver”


The team gave the car a shakedown at Silverstone over the weekend for a filming day, in whichLewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg took to the circuit in the W-07.