Ferrari SF16-H Revealed


In an online event on Saturday, Ferrari revealed the SF16-H, the challenger they hope will let them topple Mercedes in 2016.

Ferrari claim to have completed a technical overhaul in the development of the SF16-H, as well as a livery change for 2016. There was much speculation around a change to the looks of the 2016 car and Ferrari have made good on the rumours, sporting a livery that features more white and black.

From a technical point of view, ‘overhaul’ is by no means an overstatement, with the team developing a number of key areas, sporting a shorter nose, reduced weight, a change to push-rod suspension, improved air intakes, and a large number of other improvements.


Speaking about the new challenger, James Allison, Technical Director for Ferrari said: “It’s certainly a very bold car, but then it needs to be.

“It’s fair to say that every year our cars are breaking new ground, but in truth, all engineering products are a mix of brand new innovation, some iterative improvements, and some holding on to well proven concepts. What varies year to year is the proportion of the new stuff, and on this years car, we have a very high proportion of new and bold approaches.”

Sebastian Vettel wasn’t giving away too much, saying: “Well obviously form the outside you can see that the car looks slightly different, with a bit of a new design going on which I like a lot, and I think more excitingly on the inside, there’s a lot of new stuff.

“We will try to raise the bar in 2016. You can feel it going around in the factory. We want to win. The target is clear, and the expectation is there, and that is also where we want to be, so we will see where we are and how much we have to do to get there. ”

Ferrari-SF16-H ferrari-SF16-H-side